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SAB International Construction Material

Silicone-based SAB International sealants last longer and are more versatile that most organic polymer sealants. They are durable, one-part RTV sealants. They cure at room temperature to a tough, rubbery solid with exceptional performance characteristics. If the application calls for a sealant to withstand high temperatures or solvents, to bond glass or metal, to flow into cracks or voids, or to resist mildew, SAB International has a RTV sealant for it.
Following is an overview of the products offered by SAB, contact us to find out more about how our Technical Team can offer the perfect solution for you.

Acetoxy Sealants

SAB Silicone Sealant

SAB Silicone Sealant is a 100% RTV silicone. It is a high-strength fast curing one part anti-fungi sealant, which cures with atmospheric moisture to form a high strength rubber seal providing with outstanding adhesion and long- term performance for use across a broad range of applications including glass, glazed surfaces, metals, most plastics, tiles, wood, concrete and other building materials. SAB 100% RTV has excellent physical properties which are designed to give outstanding durability and performance.

Typical applications:

  • Glass Partitions
  • Aquarium
  • Furniture
  • Moulds For Fiber Glass
  • Sanitary
  • General purpose

Elephant Silicone Sealant

Elephant silicone sealant is a cost-effective acetoxy silicone sealant suitable for a range of general sealing and general glazing applications. It adheres to most common non-porous building materials. This extended acetoxy silicone sealant is a one-part moisture curing silicone sealant suitable for use across a broad range of applications. It is easy to apply and offers excellent adhesion to a variety of nonporous substrates such as glass, glazed ceramic tiles and aluminum. It is resistant to ozone, ultra-violet radiation and temperature extremes. It will bond to form a durable, flexible, waterproof seal on many common wet area building materials.
Typical Uses:

  • Industrial sealing and bonding
  • Formed-in-place gaskets
  • Waterproofing rimless sinks
  • Sealing around shower-tub enclosures, sinks, urinals and whirlpools
  • General sealing and caulking applications

City Silicone Sealant

City silicone sealant is a one-part, room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone sealants suitable for a wide range of applications. City Silicone Sealant is a one component, ready-to-use silicone sealant, which offers fast cure and good weathering characteristics. The excellent adhesive properties of City silicone sealant make it suitable for use on aluminum, glass, formica, and most other non-porous surfaces.

  • General sealing and bonding
  • Electrical insulation
  • Formed-in-place gaskets
  • Interior and exterior applications

Neutral Silicone Sealants

Elephant Neutral Cure Sealant

Elephant Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant/Adhesive is a one-part, non-slump, moisture-curing RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) that cures to form a tough, low modulus sealant with long-term flexibility and durability. The neutral curing mechanism of Elephant neutral silicone is ideally suited for use in confined work areas since no objectionable odors are evolved. Capable of adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, able to withstand harsh weather conditions, and exhibiting the movement capability required of complex designs, is an exceptional choice for a multitude of neutral sealing applications. The non-slump characteristics of Elephant neutral silicone allow application to vertical or horizontal joints without flowing or sagging. Elephant neutral cure silicone has excellent resistance to weathering including ozone, ultraviolet radiation, freeze-thaw conditions and airborne chemicals. After cure, the wide heat stability range of Elephant neutral silicone is from -57°C to +204°C (-70°F to 400°F) and the sealant can be applied to surface temperatures from -18°C to +50°C (0°F to +120°F).

Elephant neutral cure silicone can be used as a durable, general-purpose sealant/adhesive in a wide range of industrial applications. Unprimed adhesion to a wide range of substrates is available with the use of Elephant neutral silicone. For example, Elephant neutral silicone neutral cure silicone adheres to unprimed chrome and stainless steel, which other high modulus silicone sealants would require to be primed. As a formed-in-place gasket, Elephant Neutral Cure Silicone exhibits low swell, low compression set and good oil resistance. These characteristics impart an unusual balance of properties to Elephant neutral silicone to prevent leakage in harsh environments such as engines, transmissions, water pumps, rear axles and oil pans. Elephant neutral silicone is not recommended to be used in cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds or in contact with fuels.

Weather Proofing Sealants

SAB 791 WeatherSil Weathersealing Sealant

SAB Weather Proofing Sealants are an excellent choice for a wide range of weatherproofing applications due to the outstanding weather resistance, durability, adhesion, and high movement capability provided by silicone sealants. The combination of these properties enables the SAB 791WeatherSil to provide long-term sustainability in many new applications, and help minimize ongoing maintenance costs by remediating issues in many older buildings. SAB 791 WeatherSil provides the two most critical attributes of effective weathersealing products: long-term efficacy in sealing out air and water, and the ability to withstand weather and atmospheric conditions without degradation. SAB 791 WeatherSil is a high-strength weatherproofing silicone sealant that provides extended tooling time and withstands significant joint movement. Capable of adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, able to withstand harsh weather conditions, and exhibiting the movement capability required of complex designs, SAB 791 WeatherSil is an exceptional choice for a multitude of weathersealing applications.

Basic Uses:
• SAB 791 WeatherSil weather sealing sealant is useful as a weatherproofing
material when sealing between dissimilar or similar materials in either new or remedial glazing and sealing applications, window perimeters and punched openings.

• SAB 791 WeatherSil weather sealing sealant is useful for sealing to precast
concrete, site cast concrete and tilt-up concrete joints.

• SAB 791 WeatherSil weather sealing sealant is useful as a general purpose
sealant for seams and curtainwall frames, screw heads, back pans, etc.

Structural Glazing Sealants

SAB 895 GlazSil Structural Glazing Sealant

SAB 895 GlazSil Structural Glazing Silicone Sealant is a one-component, neutral-curing silicone sealant intended for structural bonding of glass, metal and other materials. SAB 895 GlazSil Structural Glazing Silicone Sealant is a high modulus sealant with excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials including glass, metal and other panel materials.

Basic Uses:
• SAB 895 GlazSil structural glazing sealant may be an excellent material of choice for use in structural glazing applications such as factory glazing of curtainwall units and modules for unitized and panelized systems.
• SAB 895 GlazSil structural glazing sealant can also be used as a weatherseal product, when movement expected in the joint does not exceed its movement capability (±12.5%).
• SAB 895 GlazSil has been validated in designs as an excellent option for use in protective glazing applications.