Handling more than 100,000MT per year – serving a wide range of markets including the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent and the UAE. Interglobe is also an established supplier of bitumen products such as PMBs, emulsions and cutbacks.


Interglobe ships more than 100,000 MT of drummed bitumen annually from major refineries, we can ship product in new and reconditioned drums and containers or break bulk or palletized as required by clients.


Interglobe also offers environmentally friendly packing solutions such as bagged bitumen using the patented PolyCube system developed in Austria. Bitumen is bagged and shipped by Interglobe from its facilities in the U.A.E. in 300kg bags.

This is an efficient and practical solution for delivering cost efficiency in transportation, stackability, improvement in warehousing and enhancing supply capabilities in difficult geographic locations.

Adherence to quality control and stringent quality assurance protocols throughout the supply chain, ensure that our customers receive packed bitumen meeting guaranteed specifications.

IE-BITUMEN is a division within our group who solely deals with bituminous products. Our dedicated team will help you with getting your stock at the right time in the right place. No order is too small, no order is too big. Put us to the test and satisfy yourself that we are the best company to support your bitumen business. A win-win scenario becomes reality with IE-Bitumen.

Interglobe Enterprises is dedicated to the sale and delivery of bituminous products to our global client base. 85% of our stocks are of Middle East origin and only from select AAA suppliers. Interglobe Enterprises is an independent trader, carrying large amounts of available stock on hand within our own warehousing network. Due to this and the fact that we specialize in bitumen we source the best stock at the most competitive prices.