The best-in-class food and nutrition solutions and services locally, by market segment and across territories. By fully understanding your recipes, applications and processes, and thanks to our team of food technologists, we deliver outstanding value. This has enabled us to become a leading distributor of specialty food and nutrition ingredients in Pakistan. Our food and nutrition capabilities span all key market segments:

  • Bakery
  • Baverages
  • Confectionary
  • Dairy
  • Edible Oils & Fats
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Nutritions
  • Food Ingredients
  • Animal Nutrition
Our Technical Sales Team has both the expertise and market knowledge to assist you with all your formulation requirements. Our world class Suppliers provide us with the capabilities to offer a vast product range providing endless opportunities to create finished products that can answer the demands of any market, trend or price point.
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Bringing you expertise, innovation and product efficiency.

We supply the most comprehensive range of excipients, active pharmaceutical ingredients, speciality solvents, process chemicals and intermediates for formulation and chemical synthesis. Through our extensive portfolio and technical experts we have become the number one distributor of speciality pharmaceutical ingredients.

Delivering solutions for pharmaceutical, generic, OTC and nutraceutical clients across Pakistan.
Utilizing our comprehensive excipient portfolio, our market-focused Technical Sales Experts will offer you innovative solutions to your complex problems.

By working closely with your Operational and Research & Development departments, our extensive network of experienced formulators will deliver you a total product solution – compatible for today’s most demanding of manufacturing environments.

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Solutions to the coatings, paints, construction, adhesives and resins industries.
Our customers can count on our local sales teams to understand their markets and to care for their individual needs. We provide customised services and deliver solutions from our comprehensive portfolio of additives, fillers, pigments, resins and specialty solvents.

Cultivating trustful partnerships to serve our markets best. Transparency, flexibility and a strong team performance are the basis of long-term and close partnerships with our principals. We help reduce complexity by offering centralised product management and supply chain concepts.

Adhering to high standards

Pakistan’s top adhesives manufacturers also count on IE for our premium range of tackifying resins, functional minerals, surfactants, biocides and additives such as rheological modifiers.
If you’re looking for a product, contact us. If we don’t have it on hand, we can generally acquire it quickly.

Technical expertise is key to the way we grow business. We offer formulation guidance, take over analytical services and develop innovative ideas together with our partners.

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Feeding a hungry plastics industry

To our plastics customers we manufacture and distribute PET plastic flakes with a broad range of varieties. We are one of the largest producers of food-grade Post Consumer Recycled PET in Pakistan. We specialize in processing used plastic bottles into PET flakes that can then be used to manufacture new plastic beverage bottles and other products.

Through new state-of-the-art facilities, technologies, and equipment, Interglobe is fully invested and committed to make an impact in preserving resources and reducing the carbon footprint from PET bottle production. At Interglobe, we believe that recycling is the only responsible option. Destroying plastics and reliance on degradable plastics only increase the carbon footprint and wastes our precious resources.


For the tobacco industry, Interglobe offers overprint varnishes that are consistent with the high requirements on quality and appearance. Ingredients and the composition of the coatings comply to the demands of BAT, JTI and PMI. The coatings are sensory clean (odour-free and smoke taste neutral) and do not impair the smoke experience in any way.

Apart from a very good scratch and scuff resistance, they offer consistently adjusted slip angles for packing on modern high-speed machines. In order to fulfill the quality and security requirements of the tobacco industry, specific controls can be carried out and certified per batch in addition to the traditional quality controls.

Interglobe Enterprises offers coatings for cigarette folded boxes, soft packs and wrappers. Available are waterbased coatings for sheet-fed offset, web gravure and sheet-fed gravure. Gravure coatings are designed for a fast drying and highest speeds, they are free of solvents and provide a very low tendency to foaming.

personal care

Combining local knowledge with worldwide expertise from formulation to distribution
No matter where you are in your process, we’re dedicated to your product’s success. Whether you’re searching for the right specialty ingredient or need formulation assistance, our technical team is with you every step. We deliver unique solutions that produce results for customers worldwide everyday.

We have the perfect solution for you.

Our extensively experienced team continuously analyse market trends to develop new innovations and solutions. Their in-depth knowledge and insight enable us to provide a range of value-added services that will deliver exactly what you require.

While developing new ingredients and cosmetic applications, we also offer a range of other services to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Problem Solving
  • Formulating guidelines
  • Production of sample prototypes
  • Working closely together

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The right solution for your business. All these markets are unique, which is why we have specialist teams dedicated to providing you with a solution to meet your exacting requirements.

Whatever your industry, you’ll be certain to receive a value-added service where we openly share high-value knowledge, technical expertise and opportunities to help you grow your business.