Silicone Sealants

Interglobe Enterprises has been an independent authorized distributor of SAB International products in Pakistan for over 15 years. We provide technical assistance and make product recommendations. With expertise in Oil and Gas Industry applications and support from the SAB International technical team, we can help your company find solutions. If you are in need of industrial lubricants, adhesives, pastes, coatings, compounds, greases, oils, silicones, or sealants, contact Interglobe Enterprises today.
SAB International operates nationwide and is a leader of silicone products headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. Our strong local presence means we are on the ground daily, helping our customers make the most of SAB products and responding rapidly to their questions. We thoroughly understand the specific local markets, standards and regulations. Our well-trained staff partner with customers to get the best application results.
Original equipment manufacturers (OEM), maintenance managers, and engineering professionals rely on the performance of SAB Internationl products in their processes. For all of your industrial applications, SAB International can provide a world-class proven solution.
As one of SAB International largest distributors, we stock a wide variety of products and can ship within a day or two from our warehouse. We also have samples available for evaluation. If you have a special application, know that we have the tools to recommend a product for you. We actively incorporate customer feedback so that we are able to meet and exceed our customers requirements to offer tailored solutions that ensure our customers ongoing success in every project.